California Studies Association
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Past Steering Committees

2013-2015 Terms
Jessica Taal,

2012-2014 Terms
Rachel Brahinsky,
Gautam Dutta
Alex Tarr,
Craig Williams,

2011-2013 Terms
Rachel Brahinsky,
Elaine Elinson,
Lisa Feldstein,
Greig Tor Guthey,
David Kipen,
Lisa Maldonado,
Peter Richardson (CSA Treasurer),
Tomas Summers Sandoval (CSA Secretary),
Patricia Wakida,

2009-2011 Terms
Paulina Borsook, freelance writer,
Lisa Feldstein, UC Berkeley,
Tomás Summers Sandoval (secretary), Pomona College,
Aaron Wilcher, UC Berkeley,
Richard Walker (treasurer), UC Berkeley,
Elaine Elinson, freelance writer & editor,
Lisa Maldonado, North Bay Labor Council,

2008-2010 Terms
Iain Boal independent scholar
Frank Gruber attorney and columnist
Melissa Riley San Francisco Public Library
Tom Izu Foothill College
Susan McWilliams Pomona College
Nari Rhee UC Berkeley Labor Center
Michael Warburton The Public Trust Alliance
Charles Wollenberg Berkeley City College
Cal Winslow The Mendocino Institute

2007 - 2009 Terms
Cynthia Kaufman
Mae Lee
Peter Richardson
Jonathan Rowe
Aaron Shapiro
Tomás Summers Sandoval
Julia Stein
Aaron Wilcher
Richard Walker (treasurer)

2006 - 2008 Terms
Iain Boal Social Historian, Lecturer  
Louise Nelson Dyble - Chair Associate Director for Research, Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, University of Southern California
Frank Gruber Writer, Urbanist, Attorney
Santa Monica CA
Cynthia Kaufman Professor of Philosophy, DeAnza College  
Mae Lee Associate Director of the Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute;
Professor of Asian American Studies and Anthropology,
DeAnza College
Jeff Lustig Professor of Government and Labor Studies, Sacramento State University  
Peter Richardson Editor, PoliPointPress;
Lecturer, San Francisco State University
Melissa Riley Reference Librarian, San Francisco Public Library, West Portal Branch  
Jonathan Rowe Executive Director of the Tomales Bay Institute;
Journalist, Contributing editor of the Washington Monthly
Tomas Sandoval - Secretary Assistant Professor of History and Chicana/o ~ Latina/o Studies,
Pomona College
Aaron Shapiro Graduate Student in History at California State University, Los Angeles  
Julia Stein Professor of English, Santa Monica College  
Janferie Stone    
Richard Walker - Treasurer Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley
Michael Warburton Executive Director of the Public Trust Alliance  
Aaron Wilcher Master's student in City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley;
Adjunct Instructor, Dept. of Humanities, De Anza College
Cal Winslow Director of the Mendocino Institute; Labor Historian  
Charles Wollenberg Professor of History, Berkeley City College  

2004 - 2006 Terms
Lee Davis - Chair Professor of California Studies. SF State University
Richard Walker - Treasurer Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley
Barbara Henry Education Curator, Oakland Museum of CA 510-548-5119
Terry Young Professor of Geography, Cal Poly Pomona 909-869-3584
David Kipen Book Reviewer, SF Chronicle 415-777-6232
Glenna Matthews Independent Scholar, Berkeley and Laguna Hills 510-334-8318
Barbara Tannenbaum- Secretary Independent Journalist 415-246-9699
Frank Gruber Independent Journalist 310-260-5570

2002 - 2004 Terms
Richard Walker - Chair Professor Geography Dept. UC Berkeley
Jacqueline Reinier - Treasurer Oral Historian, CSU Sacramento
Barbara Henry Education Curator, Oakland Museum of CA 510-548-5119
Ralph Lewin Associate Director, CA Council for the Humanities 415-391-1474
Terry Young Professor of Geography, Cal Poly Pomona 909-869-3584
Wendy Elliott-Scheinberg Professor of History, CSU Fullerton
Julie Guthman Lecturer, Geography Dept. UC Berkeley
Barbara Tannenbaum Independent Journalist 415-246-9699

2001 - 2003 Terms
Elizabeth Lay Public School Teacher, Oakland
Jack Hicks Professor of English, UC Davis
Robert Dawson Photographer and Author, San Francisco
Stephanie Princetl Research Professor, USC
Eva Mo Professor of History, Modesto Jr. College
Janet Fireman ed. California History, Curator LA Museum
of Natural History
Malcolm Margolin Publisher, Heyday Books
Phil Mumma Oakland Museum of California (retired)
David Kipen
Book Reviewer, SF Chronicle