California Studies Association
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California Studies Dinner Seminars

The California Studies Dinner Seminars is a forum for the discussion of California politics, economy, and society that meets once a month on the Berkeley campus. It brings together scholars, students, and specialists from around the Bay Area to hear speakers talk about new books, research and ideas of note concerning California. The series has been going strong for twenty years (with a predecessor going back thirty years!), and is the finest intellectual forum on California history, geography and public affairs in Northern California. Funded with the generous support of the IRLE and the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

For more information, go to California Studies Dinner Seminars

California Thinkers

The Directory of California Thinkers is a list of scholars, writers, and culture workers available to speak at or assist with programs at museums, schools, libraries and other cultural and educational events. Each thinker's profile lists their areas of expertise, programming experience, and ways they might participate. You can search by thinker's area of knowledge/specialization, or you can find them listed alphabetically by last name. Please feel free to contact anyone on the list directly.